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Welcome to the Note Blog. To catch or clock it and then denote it is to descry or designate it. You can dig around some in order to discern it's importance and then discover just how difficult it is to distinguish one document from another. If you enter it with an open mind you may just get a load of it in your face. If you do get an eyeful be sure to heed what you learn afterwards and indicate where you learned it from. Be sure and jot down or mark the spot before you mention it to anyone though. If you happen to notice anything unusual or pick up on anything strange or out of place then put down what is in your hands and record or register the results and remark on what you see in detail before you set down a new path and spot something else that may take your attention away from the here and now. Take in today only as tomorrow is always on it's way and will find you even if you are not in search of it. If you master your surroundings you will then easily be able to transcribe them. View it in detail and then be diligent when you write down the truth as that's all you will have left at that point.

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